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St Swithun Wells'Catholic Primary School

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Term Ends 1.30pm Friday 21st December. Children Return to school on Tuesday 8th January 2018. Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year to you all.

Sports Premium

Schools receive PE and sport premium funding based on the number of pupils in years 1 to 6. Please click on link to find out how we spent our funding and our plans for 2016-2017.

Sport & Well Being at St Swithun Wells


Our Sports Curriculum is excellent at our school and we provide the children with a wide range of sporting activities to strengthen their physical education. We work closely with Primary Sporting Development (PSD) who provide bespoke coaching to our children and the development of PE skills for our teachers. Our PSD coach Mr Goodhind, delivers the curriculum to an exceptionally high standard which has enabled outstanding outcomes and achievements for our children. We also have a PSD Dance Coach every Monday who also delivers an after school dance class.

Sport Event (Teams)

How we did

Youth Games Girls’ Cricket

(Yrs 5&6)

Overall Winners

Currently the best Girls Cricket Team in London

Hillingdon Yr 5&6

Boys’ Football Cup


Small School’s

Mixed District Athletics


Hillingdon Girls’ Netball (Yrs 5&6)

2nd place and 3rd place

Hillingdon Boys’ Netball (Yrs 5&6)

2nd place and 3rd place

Youth Games Hockey Tournament

5th place

Boys’ District Cross Country (Yrs 5&6)

7th place



Individual Places

How we did

Small School’s Mixed District Athletics (range of events)

1st place

3rd place

5th place

32nd place

49th place

50th place

80th place



Sports & Health Week

We had an excellent week of sports with such a variety of sporting activities taking place with fun sports days for EYFS, KS1 and KS2. We even learned how to play golf thanks to Mr Talbot (Parent).


National Fitness Day (Wednesday 27th September 2017)

On Wednesday 27th September, we celebrated National Fitness Day. We started off with a whole school assembly with Miss Murphy, telling us all about National Fitness Day. We learnt how to keep our bodies healthy. After assembly, Year 6 had to prepare an aerobics routine for the whole school. We had 45 minutes to get it perfect. We started with a warm up and finished with some stretches to cool down. It was very successful and the whole school participated, enjoying themselves. Lots of classes did some sporty things throughout the day. For example, Year 6 had a 15 minute jog and Year 2 played some games outside. It was a really fun day. Written by Frankie, Joe and Jack (Sports Captains)


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