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St Swithun Wells'Catholic Primary School

‘where the love of God is always present’


Pupil Leaders

Our Year 6 pupils have a responsibility across the school as Pupil Leaders. We feel that this role enables them to further understand the importance of leading by example and being a role model to others.


Our Year 6 pupils presented to all the pupils and staff across Key Stage 2 sharing why they would be the best person for the roles applied for. A democratic vote then took place with all KS2 pupils and staff participating in the vote.


Every month, the Pupil Leadership Team (PLT) of Head Boy/Girl and Deputy Head Boy/Girl meet with the Headteacher to discuss school improvement.


What have our Pupil Leaders' been up to?

- Head Boy and Head Girl presented at our Open Evening to prospective parents in the Autumn Term

- Pupil Leadership Team hold half termly meetings with the Headteacher to discuss the school improvement plans

- All the Pupil Leaders led tours for the prospective parents, telling them all about our school and what we do

- Pupil Leadership Team have continued with  weekly tours for Reception and Nursery prospective parents in the lead up to applying to schools




Head Boy and RE Leader: Alfie

Head Girl and RE Leader: Megan

Deputy Head Boy: Julian

Deputy Head Girl: Daisy


Head Sports Captains:

  • Rachel & John-Joe

Deputy Sports Captains:

  • Elsie & Finn

House Captains:

  • Matthew House: Luke
  • Mark House:       Nancy     
  • Luke House:        Emily C     
  • John House:        Lara




Library Prefects: 

  • Hilaria, Lilly, Amelia


Assembly Prefects: 

  • Logan, Amelia, Grace and Oliver

ICT Prefects: 

  • Ryan and Daniel

Playground/Environment and Lunchtime Prefects: 

  • Liam, Amy, Darcie, Mia, Julia and Andreas

Nursery Prefects: 

  • Laila, Emily S, Scarlett and Olivia



Pupil Leadership Meetings 2023-2024