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St Swithun Wells'Catholic Primary School

‘where the love of God is always present’


St Swithun Wells' School Values

We are a Catholic School which seeks to live out the values of Jesus Christ. Each half term the school community will focus on a value which links to our mission statement and the teachings of Jesus. We recognise how important it is to help our pupils develop academically but also spiritually, morally, socially and culturally. Our aim is that they are also fully prepared and take on the role as good citizens, able to make the best possible contribution to the Common Good. Within a framework of Catholic Christian Values, we teach the importance of British Values which also link to our school values.

Our Growth Mindset at St Swithun Wells


We continue to work on having a Growth Mindset. We understand that:

  • We all struggle at different things as everybody is different
  • When we experience struggle, we all feel negative emotions


The problem many pupils have is that they are flooded with negative emotions that do not feel particularly good particularly if others around them are not struggling quite as much with the task. Part of the power of knowing mindset is that it gives us the awareness to try and switch off these negative feelings. Treat these feelings more positively and get them to motivate us rather than turn us off and allow them to let us give up on a challenge. **Based on ideas and principles written by KJ Walton (The Mindset Melting Pot) and Carol Dweck (Outstanding Formative Assessment and a Growth Mindset)


What’s different now?

  • I can’t do it…….yet? (This is our mantra and how we approach challenging tasks
  • Pupils have a better understanding of how to tackle difficult problems and challenges
  • Pupils are less likely to give up when tasks seem hard or when they get stuck

St Swithun Wells’ School Values
Following on from the work we have done on ‘Growth Mindsets’, our agreed set of 6 ‘School Values’ underpins our mission statement:

  • At St Swithun Wells we want to build a Catholic school where the love of God is always present.
  • At St Swithun Wells is a Catholic school where we learn about our faith.
  • At St Swithun Wells Catholic School everybody is important. We all want to learn and do our best.
  • At St Swithun Wells Catholic School we celebrate everyone’s skills, talents and achievements.
  • At St Swithun Wells we understand that we need to look after and care for our school and everybody in it.


The Catholic ethos that exists at St Swithun Wells is driven by the core mission:
‘where the love of God is always present’.