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Consultation to join an Academy Trust

St Swithun Wells' Catholic Primary School are in the process of exploring whether to join DOWAT, the Diocese of Westminster Academy Trust.


The Governing Body have taken the decision to explore the benefits of joining an academy trust in order to further develop and maximise our offer of high quality Catholic education for our pupils and generations to come. The Diocese of Westminster Academy Trust (DOWAT) is the largest Catholic Academy Trust within the Diocese of Westminster and consistently one of the best performing MATs (Multi-Academy Trusts) in the country.


Please take a few moments to read our FAQ to understand more about DOWAT and why the Governing Body are considering joining this academy trust. We would strongly encourage all stakeholders to complete a consultation questionnaire form for the Governing Body to consider.


Please read the information included below. Any responses or questions as part of the consultation process should be returned via the response form to

Academisation Consultation Meeting- Presentation

You may wish to explore the DOWAT website (Diocese of Westminster Academy Trust).