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St Swithun Wells'Catholic Primary School

‘where the love of God is always present’


RE Curriculum at St Swithun Wells

Our school aims to provide a secure and caring environment concerned with the emotional, spiritual and social development of the child. The Catholic school has the opportunity to place children’s learning about safety and self-esteem in the context of their positive life experiences. Within the mission statement, St Swithun Wells School affirms the need to build up those within the school community who need a safe and caring environment. It teaches the principles of justice and peace, respect, personal dignity, self-control and correct behaviour.

“Now there are varieties of gifts but the same spirit; and there are varieties of service, but the same Lord; and there are varieties of working, but the same God who inspires them all in everyone”  1.Cor.12.4-6




Mission Statement


'where the love of God is always present'


  • At St Swithun Wells we want to build a Catholic school where the love of God is always present.
  • St Swithun Wells is a Catholic school where we learn about our faith.
  • At St Swithun Wells Catholic School everybody is important. We all want to learn and do our best.
  • At St Swithun Wells Catholic School we celebrate everyone’s skills, talents and achievements.
  • At St Swithun Wells we understand that we need to look after and care for our school and everybody in it.
Diocese of Westminster- click on the link to access information from our Diocese
Click on link below to access our Section 48 RE Inspection Report (June 2018).

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