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St Swithun Wells'Catholic Primary School

‘where the love of God is always present’


RE Curriculum at St Swithun Wells

RE Curriculum Intent Statement

We are committed to achieving excellence through our Religious teaching and education with a learning environment built upon the foundations of the gospel values.


RE Curriculum Implementation Statement

At St Swithun Wells, we ensure that there are the same expectations for the quality of teaching across all areas of the English Curriculum. The teaching of Reading is taught through discrete lessons as well as additional guided reading and whole class text teaching experiences. Pupils are read to and with every week and teachers ensure that there is a love and excitement for Reading in all classes across the school which is also encouraged through the expectation of reading widely (in school library and beyond). 

The teaching of Early Reading includes the use of Letters and Sounds which is embedded across EYFS and KS1 with KS2 teachers accessing the phonics curriculum to further support pupils where this is needed. As a result, our pupils are confident in the use of phonics to support their reading development.

English lessons develop pupils’ spoken language and use of language with the encouragement of speaking with confidence and being inquisitive through questioning. The teaching of writing includes spelling, grammar and punctuation and the development of writing skills. Pupils are expected to write with confidence, skill and flair in order to foster the enjoyment of writing and recognise its value. Pupils are also encouraged to be able to independently self improve their writing through a planning, drafting and editing process.

Within our mission statement, St Swithun Wells School affirms the need to build up those within the school community who need a safe and caring environment. It teaches the principles of justice and peace, respect, personal dignity, self-control and correct behaviour.

“Now there are varieties of gifts but the same spirit; and there are varieties of service, but the same Lord; and there are varieties of working, but the same God who inspires them all in everyone”  1.Cor.12.4-6




Mission Statement


'where the love of God is always present'


  • At St Swithun Wells we want to build a Catholic school where the love of God is always present.
  • St Swithun Wells is a Catholic school where we learn about our faith.
  • At St Swithun Wells Catholic School everybody is important. We all want to learn and do our best.
  • At St Swithun Wells Catholic School we celebrate everyone’s skills, talents and achievements.
  • At St Swithun Wells we understand that we need to look after and care for our school and everybody in it.
Diocese of Westminster- click on the link to access information from our Diocese
Click on link below to access our Section 48 RE Inspection Report (June 2018).

Our RE Learning