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St Swithun Wells'Catholic Primary School

‘where the love of God is always present’


Our Curriculum

Our Curriculum Statement


At St Swithun Wells, we value the uniqueness of all our pupils.  In doing so, we ensure that we provide a nurturing, loving and inclusive environment. All our pupils are given the same opportunities to leave our school as resilient, confident and well-rounded individuals with a love for learning and the necessary skills and determination to succeed.

Curriculum Intent and Implementation

Curriculum Foundations-  what we are aiming for....


  • Our pupils to be guided by the love of God and that this is embedded in all that they do and how we celebrate everyone’s skills, talents and achievements
  • The values of appreciation, honesty, belief, resilience, tolerance and respect being at the heart of our school; the learning environment and the curriculum for learning 
  • A love of and for Reading embedded across the school where our pupils demonstrate their fluency and self-assurance, enabling them to confidently access all areas of the curriculum
  • Our pupils to be able to effectively apply their knowledge and understanding of basic skills in Maths, Reading and Writing across all the subjects they learn
  • All our pupils to make progress across all areas from individual starting points and ensure that they are appropriately challenged by the teaching they receive
  • All our pupils to identify, use and build on their prior learning, benefit from a curriculum where sequencing of skills progression is in place across subjects, year groups and key stages
  • An established culture where our pupils have a positive mindset approach to what they do and how they learn to further support their independence and how they can apply knowledge gained
  • Our pupils to be excited by what they learn and how they learn, broadening their life experiences through other opportunities to learn beyond the classroom (visits, trips etc.)

The Curriculum we follow....

At St Swithun Wells, we follow the Primary National Curriculum for Years 1 to 6 and the Statutory Framework for the Early Years Foundation Stage (Nursery and Reception).

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Early Years Foundation Stage

Development Matters

Early Years Foundation Stage Statutory Framework

Foundation Stage Profile 


Key Stage One and Key Stage Two

Primary National Curriculum

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